This rotating html pacman took 30 seconds to write a prompt for and paste out of ChatGPT. I created the above “real-life pacman” using Midjourney in about 10 minutes. The rate of improvement and accuracy within these tools is growing exponentially and that growth will unlock new business models that have cornered a customer-first application.

I recently re-watched the video of Jeff Bezos introducing himself and Amazon from the mid-90s. He started Amazon with two pieces of data: 1) the internet was growing at an astounding rate and 2) the books category contained millions of titles and lended itself to an online storefront (presumably, because searching for a title online with books shipped from a warehouse were more effective than physically going to a bookstore that could house all of those titles at once.)

So what is the analog for business models in today’s AI world? I can tell you this: the winner(s) will not have a complex business and customer solution, it will be as beautifully simple as Bezos’ initial strategy: 1) match a technical application, preferably a platform, with a blossoming technology, that 2) is gaining wide-spread adoption, which 3) addresses real customer friction in a novel way.

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